In spring of 2014, the open-source HTML5 game 2048 produced by Gabriele Cirulli quickly swept the world, and sparked a wave of adaptation by programming enthusiasts. Based on the background of Chinese dynasties, the "Dynasties2048" is adapted. I designed the "game over" text in different endings besides modifying the text on tiles into names of dynasties, and further implemented the save-and-load function. This adapted version has reached a UV of more than 200,000 in a single day.

Dynasties2048 4x4 Version Dynasties2048 5x5 Version My thoughts (in Chinese)

2014年春季,Gabriele Cirulli制作的开源HTML5游戏2048迅速风靡全球,并引发了编程爱好者们的改编热潮。我基于中国朝代更替的故事背景,在该开源项目的基础上改编了“2048朝代版”,在对方块本身的设定以外还设计了不同结局的游戏结束语,并进一步设计和实现了存档功能。这个改编版本曾达到单日UV超过200,000的峰值,并获得了一些媒体的关注。